The Company

AXION HEALTH was established in Athens in 2011 and trades almost throughout the Greek Territory, with direct sale of its products in public and private hospitals, in pharmacies, as well as in professionals in the health field.
Specifically, the products, that are available in the hospitals, are addressed to the surgical sector and they are implantable materials, such as meshes for hernias, patches for general surgery, bioresorbable adhesion barrier films, bone implants for orthopedic and neurosurgery use, as well as in the thoracic-cardio surgery with heart valves, films which prevent air leakage and other various implants.
There is also a range of consumable medical supplies and particularly, disposable sterile / or not gloves by latex, polyethylene and vinyl gloves, as well as surgical masks and hemostatic gauzes.
In the field of pharmacy, Axion Health operates with parapharmaceutical and cosmetic products, such as thermometers of new generation, antiseptic gels, disposable ware body gloves, face masks and other products.